Apostille Procedure

Apostille Procedure

CEU alumni may require an Apostille of their diploma and/or transcript when applying for further studies or jobs (in particular Ph.D. programs and jobs in public institutions). The Apostille is valid in countries that are signatories to the “Convention de la Haye du 5 oct 1961”. The list of signatories can be found at:


The procedure to obtain an Apostille is the following:

1. CEU graduates need to send the original diploma (and transcript if requested) to Gabriella Kulik at the CEU Student Records Office (address: Nador 11, Budapest 1051, Hungary; email: registry@ceu.edu). We strongly advise that students use secure postal methods, for instance certified or expedited mail, when sending their diplomas/transcripts to CEU.

2. Alumnus/alumna needs to state in a separate email or enclosed letter the country where the Apostille will be used.

3. If alumnus/alumna does not have an original transcript and needs an Apostille of it, original copies could be requested at https://payments.ceu.edu. Depending on the mode of payments, transcripts cost 1,000 HUF or 4 EUR.

4. Alumnus/alumna requesting an Apostille needs to pay 6,000 HUF for a diploma through the online paying system: https://payments.ceu.edu. To ‘Apostille’ a transcript, an additional 6,000 HUF is charged.

5. Apostilles are returned to SRO after they are prepared by the relevant authorities and SRO forwards them back to the students via certified mail. In your original request, you are kindly requested to include the address you would like to receive the ‘Apostilled’ documents at.

In case of any further questions please write an email to Registry@ceu.edu.